Looking up at the two Watt Plaza Towers in Century City, CA

Do well by doing good.

Watt Plaza | Class-A Office | Century City, CA

Rooted in the 75+ year legacy of Watt Companies' founder, and my grandfather, Ray Watt, Watt Capital Partners has over 25 years of experience owning and managing real estate on the West Coast.

Watt Capital Partners believes “Do well by doing good,” and is committed to providing real estate solutions that positively enhance the environment, sustainability, and community.

Let's create a future together. Afterall, it's in our DNA.

- Nadine Watt, CEO

Guiding Principles

Young dad smiling and high-fiving young son while mom watches and smiles

Building an exceptional quality of life for our community, stakeholders, and employees


By caring for others, we care for ourselves

Watt Capital Partners team reviewing blueprints

Let’s create a future together

Our Team

Playful group photo of the Watt Capital Partners team
Black and white photo of Ray Watt, founder of Watt Companies, sitting on a tractor with associates

Through the Years

Watt Capital Partners is proud of its rich heritage. Watt Companies, its former entity, was founded in 1947 by Ray Watt, as a home builder for troops returning home from the war. Since then, Watt Capital Partners was formed to continue the founder's legacy. Creativity, collaboration, world-class quality and a consumer-focused approach have been key ingredients to our growth and success for generations, and we are excited to build on those fundamental characteristics as we chart a new path forward.

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