Nadine Watt Featured In LABJ’s ‘Women-Owned Businesses’

Published July 17, 2023 by Watt Capital Partners

Nadine Watt is the chief executive of Watt Capital Partners and brings more than 25 years of expertise to day-to-day activities and strategic planning for all commercial investment activities of the company’s 6-million-square-foot portfolio. Throughout her 20-year tenure at Watt Capital’s predecessor Watt Cos., she worked on many parts of the company’s operations, including the development of myriad apartment units and retail centers. In 2011 she led a strategic reorganization of the company, which moved it beyond traditional property management and leasing to a focus on acquisitions, real estate development, and joint-venture opportunities. Watt recently became the president of the University of Southern California Board of Governors and serves as vice chair of both the Lusk Center for Real Estate and the USC Associates Board of Directors.

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